Glass is transferred from a vertical rack system via a vacuum cup lifter to the CNC cutting table. All glass cutting sizes are optimized for increased yields and the cutting information is transferred directly through our order entry system ensuring correct cut size glass.


Glass enters the temperature and humidity controlled clean room after being sent through the horizontal washing machine. Inside the glass plates are automatically positioned and transferred to the layup station where the proper interlayers are placed onto the glass sheet according to the instructions delivered via a PC interface. After the interlayers are placed onto the glass the final glass sheet is placed on top and the excess interlayer is trimmed. The glass is then transferred through to the infrared ovens and press rolls or individually vacuum bagged for more complex assemblies.

The autoclave is the final step where the lamination takes place. The glass goes through a cure cycle of heat and pressure where it reaches its final bond.


Glass is loaded onto a vertical edging machine where raw glass edges are transformed into either ground, satin or polished edges. The glass edge is passed onto a series of diamond and polishing wheels where the desired edge finish is achieved.

CNC Processing

When glass edges are curved or more complex machining is required a CNC work center is used. Glass is held onto a precision machined aluminum bed via vacuum cup holders. Glass is machined by mounting diamond and polishing tools to a spindle to perform the required processing.

Waterjet Cutting

Glass is loaded onto a cutting bed and cut using 55,000 psi of a mixture of water and abrasive. Precision controlled CNC cutting heads allow for accurate cuts on all thickness of glass whether monolithic or laminated.

Heat Treating

Glass is processed in a horizontal batch furnace where its heated to approximately 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, then through forced air cooling at controlled rates the glass is either fully tempered or heat-strengthened.

Crating & Shipping

Custom wood crates are built precisely for each orders contents ensuring safe transit and delivery. Numerous shipping options including dedicated trucks, LTL shipments, or air freight are available.